Development and Design

The Introduction

The Science, Art, Patterns and Methods

Design is intelligence made visible.
Alina Wheeler

What I love about development or programing is the intersection of:
Development = Science + Art + Patterns + Methods

What I love about design is the intersection of:
Design = Art + Science + Patterns + Methods

Development is Design
Design is Development

As a software developer you are always designing and developing. Development and design are connected and intertwined as you are with planet earth with gravity, inescapably connected, always stretching and pulling, and interacting with each other.

With a computer science degree, and 2 decades investing in, and being present in the software development ecosystem, I organically came upon many methods or techniques to make me a better developer and designer. After doing this for almost 2 decades, in the fall of 2014, I formally enrolled in the Masters of Design Methods program, by the Illinois Institute of Technology - Institute of Design (ID). It was there that many of my organic design and development lessons were confirmed, and my mind was expanded with many possibilities.

If you are hoping to learn about the color wheel, the rule of thirds, fonts, and layouts, these modules are not for you. However, if you are interested in learning about the science and methods of design and how they apply to computer science, this is the primer for you.

The next 6 modules are the culmination of over 2 decades of thought, 2 degrees, countless books, podcasts, videos, conversation, many sessions of developer and user observation, and many different digital experiences.

All of these are distilled into The Foundation, the base methods and knowledge, software developers need to have in this modern world.

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