6 Modules for Developer and Design nirvana

The Foundation

Decades in the making, be light years ahead of your software developer peers.

The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.
Adam Judge

  1. Affordances and Signifiers
    • Software by its virtual nature has infinite possibilities which is good and bad.
    • As humans, we learn signifiers or capabilities (buttons, knobs, handles, doors, etc) from our earliest age.
    • Moving to a digital world, these signifiers are often ignored with digital experiences.
  2. Behavioral Economics
    Behavioral Economics is the study of the intrinsic things that drive our decision making and make use human.
  3. Captology
    Captology reminds us that computers can be used for behavioral change, but come with cautions and a requirement to be ethical.
  4. Design
    Humans have been designing things for eons, and introduces us to Design methods.
  5. Experience
    Everything we do is an experience, either curated for us, or created by us.
  6. Feedback, Friction, Toil and Invisible Work
    Cognitive friction slows all of us down.

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