Prevent Revisiting Completed Work Checklist

Before and After

The freedom to deliver your software passion project without revisiting completed work!

Before and After

The before and after list a simple set of 7 questions (5 for consumer software) you should have robust answers to both before you start writing your software, but also after you think you are done. Having well thought out and solid answers to these questions will help you uncover gaps in your thinking, and will prevent you from having to revisit work that you thought you completed a long time ago.

Before and After 7 Questions

As easy at A, B, C, D, E and F

  1. Advantages
    Does the offering do what it must do in the context of a competitive marketplace over and above anything existing?
  2. Basics
    Does the offering do what it promises to do?
  3. Complete Curations
    Does the offering deliver easy to use curated complete experiences for normal edge cases and typical, possible error states?
  4. Delights
    Does the offering satisfy and excite humans that use it?

    Enterprise Specific Questions
  5. Enlightenment
    Does the offering make the user a better person and more engaged with what they do?
  6. Flow
    Does your offering allow and enable your user to get into a state of flow?