Development is Design and Design is Development

Be a Designatic

The freedom to deliver your software passion project without revisiting completed work!


A person passionate and obsessed about the intersection of engineering, humans and business in the context of software development and delivery; done in a sustainable, profitable and ethical manner.

The Designatic

Therefore, I am a person dedicated to thinking about the intersection of Development and Design. They are connected like gravity, you can’t see it, but it is always there.


  • 25+ Years as a Java Coder
  • 14+ Years as a Software Architect
  • A lifetime thinking about human experience
  • 11+ Years championing the human experience and how it connects to softeware

I’m inspired by…

  • The friction inherent in software creation
  • The toil that infects almost all software
  • The invisible work that is never acknowledged
  • The Dreamer, Developer, Designer, and Developers that is in all of us!!
  • The amount of wasted time, money, and effort by developers constantly having to revisit completed work

I believe by using Design (capital D), not design (lower case) of typical derivative innovation using art, colors, layouts, fonts, images, and small incremental changes, combine, to at best, form derivative innovation or most likely software stasis.

However, by using Design Tradecraft such as User Research, Empathy, Innovation, and Leadership, this effort will lead to Radical Innovation for you and your software.

A Promise

By living up to Designatic 6 Tenants you will earn the freedom to deliver your passion project without revisiting completed work. This 6 are based on the Doblin Balanced Breakthrough model of 1997 and updates them to reflect the modern realities of software delivery.

The 6 Designatic Tenants

  1. Desirable
  2. Viable
  3. Sustainable
  4. Ethical
  5. Inclusive
  6. Feasible